Video Transcript – Keys to Success as a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner with Meineke

“I have eight locations currently as far north as Kokomo, Indiana, down the east side of Indianapolis, all the way to Greenwood, Indiana. When I first got into Meineke, I started with one location. It was awesome. I was making money. I was having fun. I was helping people. It was a really, really good gig. Another guy said, “Hey, you want to buy a couple more stores?” I said, “Sure.” And what I realized was I’m not going to be able to make everyone do everything exactly how I’m going to. I’m going to need to let my staff do what they do well. And the better I got at propping them up on the things they did well and coaching them on their weaknesses and surrounding them with people that support their weaknesses, the better my business got.

“The community of owners is really something else. Many times throughout my career, if I’ve had a question about if I was doing something right, or if I had a problem that I just couldn’t solve myself, I know it’s a phone call away, and you’re in the network. If one guy doesn’t answer, the next guy will. Technology is a wonderful thing for a lot of reasons. It’s one thing to have a stack of inspections sitting next to your desk, and you go through them, and you can look through one inspection after the other. And that’s the way I used to do it. And with one store I could. With eight locations, it’s almost impossible. My general manager really was pushing hard to change the way that we did inspections by tapping into a program that Meineke has lined up for us called AutoVitals.

“AutoVitals is a really, really awesome program because I can see how valuable it is, not only for my customers, but also my staff. They take a picture of what they see on the car, and they send that to the customer, and the customer has zero question with what we’re telling them. One of the big things that we use is we use the data points. Meineke has a program called the Drive Tool, which gives us a lot more data points than what we would actually manually enter for ourselves. The Drive Tool helps us look rear view window aspect of not only what they’re doing in center, but also, what other ancillary products are or how they’re tracked. So, a lot of people throughout my career have asked me, should they buy a Meineke? And my answer is always the same. Absolutely.”

– Scott Martin, Franchise Owner of 11 Years

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