Video Transcript – Keys to Success as a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner with Meineke

“I opened my first shop in June of 2013 in Las Vegas. We have 21 locations and we’re always looking for new opportunities.

“I’ve been in the franchise business for years both on the operation side and the commercial side. And the shop that I found that I eventually bought as my first shop, it was doing very well. It was profitable. I liked the owner. The owner liked the employees. Employees liked him. The customers were great and that told me that the brand was solid. Well from the beginning, it’s always been a good amount of support. The sport that I’ve found beneficial, especially in my growth was from the development team. And particularly when we’re sourcing out a new location, basically contact somebody in the real estate department and they’ll run the demographics on a location, and I get all the information that I need to make a good decision. I get support daily from Meineke corporate and even other franchisees.

“Development of the drive tool, which is a consolidation of all the reports, the sales, and also I have access to other franchisees PNL by groups so that I can benchmark my performance against other franchisees, which is terrific because a customer that goes to a shop on this end of town could go to one of my shops on the other side of town and all their information will be in the computer. The other great thing that we are, I believe, on the cutting edge in the automotive aftermarket is e-inspection, which basically is an electronic tablet that we take photos and input the repair onto the tablet, which transfers up to the front computer and creates an estimate for the customer. Being a part of a national brand, all the good things that go with it, is it gives you a high comfort level. As Meineke grows, I grow and the value of my investment grows.”

– Bert Figearo, Franchise Owner Since 2014

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